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Dillish Mathews met Dj Khaleed (PHOTO)

Dillish Mathews met Dj Khaleed (PHOTO)

See Goitse's New Look.. She shaved her hair

Beverly Osu is a DARE DEVIL!!! She handles SNAKES like a BOSS!!

beverly osu snake

Photo of Sabina Stadler's Baby. She left her behind to join Big Brother Hotshots... only a few months old!

sabina stadler baby 

Sabina Stadler was criticized for joining Big Brother Hotshots a few months after giving birth. She left behind a few months old baby to join Big Brother Hotshots, a move which she explained after leaving Big Brother house. See photo of her baby now.

 sabina stadler baby

Listen to JJ's New Music - "Sakala" - Jeromeo JJ & James

Hotshots to Converge in Kigali Rwanda for Frankie's Album Launch

Rwandan singer, actor and model Frankie Joe is expected to hold some of his fellow BBA Hotshots in Rwanda alongside Kidum to perform at the launch of his 1st album called 'Alive to Love'.

The launch is set to take place on 27th March at Serena Hotel and he is almost done with the preparations of the event.

Speaking to Rwanda's IGIHE, Frankie confirmed that he is bringing Tayo of Nigeria, Alusa and Sabina from Kenya to adventure the beauty of his country, he said.

Besides the already confirmed BBA Hotshots he is still in discussions with other Hotshots so that he gathers all the 24 in Kigali however it will all be budgeted according to the sponsors.

On this day he will be staging his maiden music along with Kidum Kibido one of the most admired artist in the East African region.

Kidum is a celebrated musician in the region having featured alongside many Rwandan artist including Miss Jojo, Frankie, Alpha Rwirangira among others.

Mr 265, Fatima To Host Airtel Trace Music Star Finale

Malawi's BBA Hotshots representatives Mr 265 and Fatima Nkata will run the show as MC's during the Airtel Trace Music Star Malawi finale to be held in Blantyre where one winner is expected to walk away with K14 million cash prize, BNL Times reports.

This was announced on Thursday during a press conference at Airtel offices in Limbe. The press conference was organised by Airtel Malawi and Trace TV.

Airtel Malawi Brands and Communications Manager Isabel Kachinjika said they were excited with the competition and that they were looking forward to the finale today, Saturday, February 21.

"We are excited as Airtel with this competition and we are happy with the way people are voting. As of yesterday (Wednesday) we recorded 4,700 votes and so we call upon people to continue voting as customers with the highest number of votes will win various prizes ranging from a Samsung Galaxy phone, K50,000 e-value of Airtel Money, K1,000 airtime and other branded material," said Kachinjika.

Kachinjika then said the finale will be spearheaded by Mr 265 and Fatima as hosts further revealing that it will be recorded by Times Television.

"This is a closed event and so only those who will be invited will be allowed otherwise we do not want a big number for the good of the event but also the finalists," she said.

Kachinjika said during the event they will also have three judges whose identity she could not reveal adding that the selection for the winner will be based on votes and the judges.

"This process is all transparent and this is why we have run it professionally starting from the word go where it was open to everyone and those under the age of 18 through parental consent," she said.

Kachinjika said the final still has five contestants intact despite one of the Big Brother Hotshots representatives Siphelire Chitambo aka Sipe announcing recently that she had pulled out of the race.

"We have still not been communicated officially by Sipe that she is out of the race that is why we are still keeping it with our five finalists and we still want Sipe in the race. But should she still not come then we will continue with the four," she said.

She also said that it was late for them to bring in another contestant as the other have already made headway in terms of preparations.

Trace's Jimmy Mutebe aka Capso, who created the competition said it was not important for them to dwell on the issue of Sipe as they were interested in all the five finalists.

"It's not important to talk about Sipe here; we are talking about the final. The process has been transparent and open and all the five finalists were selected based on several areas which include sound and tonality. The judges selected the five and we expect them to be there on Saturday," he said.

Capso who is also an artist also maintained that the event is transparent and that everything is based on votes and the judges.

"There is no conflict of interest and we will try to avoid situations where there are forced votes that's why we have the judges," he said.

Meanwhile Capso said the local finals are taking place in 13 countries including Malawi on the same weekend and that one winner each will be selected in the 13 countries.

"The 13 local winners will then travel to Kenya for the grand finale to be attended by Akon, Trace team, producers and the contestants will have a number of days of coaching and then the finale. The winner of the Pan African showcase will win $50,000, a record label and a week-long musical mentoring session with Akon in New York, USA," he said.

Capso also said people will be given a chance to vote the 13 who will make it to the Pan African grand finale adding that they will shoot biographies of the 13 contestants and then present them to the rest of the continent for voting.

He could not say the exact date when the grand finale will be held but he said people will watch a recorded version of the event on April 15. He said people will watch the event on Trace, Times TV which has the broadcasting rights and other free to air channels.

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